Dorothea Lange and Dust Bowl migrants in Chandler

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    Photographer Dorothea Lange used social documentary photography  to capture life in the 1930s and 40s.  Explore photographs Lange took in and around Chandler, Arizona.  This lesson is part of Chandler Museum's Use Local, Teach National lesson plan series.

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    Lesson Plan

    Photographs (*see below for printing instuctions):

    Worksheets A and B

    Crop It Tool


    Additional lesson resources:

    For an explanation of Social Documentary Photography from the Getty Museum, click here.

    Biography of Dorothea Lange

    Other Dust Bowl resources.

    Other Great Depression resources.


    This lesson is aligned with Arizona State Curriculum Standards and Common Core for Seventh Grade but can be adapted for use in other grade levels. 

    *The photographs used in this lesson are from the Library of Congress and National Archive and available without Use Restrictions.  To print these images for your classroom use, click on each image or caption individually.  Go to "Tools" in the menu bar along the top of the webpage.  In the dropdown menu, select  "Save as PDF." A new window will appear with the image and complete caption.  Print the page. 


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