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    Celebrate Arizona's Centennial with interactive maps, videos, timelines, oral histories, 3D virtual tours, and articles that bring Arizona's past, present, and future to life through The Arizona Experience


    The Arizona Memory Project is an online collection of primary sources from Arizona libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions.


    Create interactive lessons using primary sources from the National Archive.  The National Archives Experience Docs Teach allows teachers to choose from seven templates to design their own activities or they can use activities already generated by others.  Using a DocsTeach Classroom, students complete activities online and teachers evaluate their work.

    The National Archives Experience Digital Vaults exhibit presents primary sources with visual mapping.  Using tags and filters, the exhibit allows viewers to explore one document, while other sources featuring similar characteristics are arranged and rearranged on the screen. 


    Access lessons from the Maricopa County Agricultural Literacy Program, part of the Arizona Cooperative Extension and Agriculture in the Classroom programs.  The lessons focus on Arizona's speciatly crop industry and are aligned with Arizona's Academic Standards.


    Have students think historically.  The "Historical Thinking Matters" website from the Center for History and New Media offers 1 day, 3 day or 5 day lessonsabout 4 events in American history - the Scopes Trial, the creation of Social Security (it's actually interesting, I promise!), the boycott of Montgomery buses, and the Spanish-American War.  Each unit contains primary sources, worksheets, suggested online and text reading, and assessments.  Suitable for grades 9-12.


    The Teaching History website is a never-ending resource.  Lesson plans, website reviews, and the opportunity to chat with master teachers, museum educators, and historians make this website an efficient and useful tool. 


    Digital Docs in a Box provides primary source collections of documents, images, sound recordings on historical topics in the Digital Documentaries kits.  The site also has curriculum for teachers to lead their classes through developing documentaries using provided resources. 


    Have Project WET resources at your school?  Project WET is worldwide water education and has Arizona-specific resources.  The Arizona Conserve Water Educators' Guide is a great resource to learn about the complex uses of water in Arizona -- from thousands of years ago to today.  Contains: background section with maps, graphs, diagrams and photos that facilitate the teaching of 15 interactive, multi-disciplinary lessons to K-12 students. In addition, 10 Arizona case studies are highlighted to provide secondary students with an in-depth opportunity to exercise their problem-solving skills, while learning about real-world water conservation solutions.

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