Become a Chandler Historical Society Member

    The Chandler Museum is funded by City of Chandler grants and by the annual support of our Historical Society members. You can support the Chandler museum through a number of ways:

    Help support the Chandler Museum by becoming a member of the Chandler Historical Society. Simply download, print and complete the Membership Form. Mail your application along with a check made payable to:

    Chandler Historical Society
    P.O. Box 926
    Chandler, AZ 85244

    Donate photos, artifacts, postcards or other articles of historic value pertaining to Chandler and/or Central Arizona.

    Donate non-historical articles such as office supplies or office equipment.

    Donate your time. We are always looking for volunteers to help take tours, to organize files and artifacts and to help with daily museum tasks. No experience necessary and you can donate as much or as little time as you would like.


    Charter Members of the Chandler Historical Society

    Zola Anderson

    Raymond Armstrong

    Mrs. Joy Lee Ables

    Dalton& Mildred Babb

    Bert & Carrie Cummings

    James Cullumber

    Robert Ditzler

    H. J. Earnhardt, Jr.

    Walter & Christa Eicher

    Robert & Phyllis Erickson

    Joseph E Gustafson

    Eugene & Julia Hall

    Marshall Humphrey


    Clarence Mason

    Ramona Matthews

    Robert Norton

    C. A. Robinson

    James Schermann

    Billy & Frances Speights

    Mrs. P. D. Sutton

    CentralBaptist Church

    ChandlerJunior Womans Club 

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