Masons of Chandler

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    -A get together of Masons in the Chandler district was held last Friday at Bob Plenty's dining room.  Fourteen men met for discussing a lodge in Chandler.  Nothing was decided at the meeting, and will meet again and hope for a bigger turnout.

    Those who participated were James N. Black, William Matthews, R.H. Fairbanks, David Stall, Harry Von Brunt, Dr. K.M. Gilbert, Mr. Abbott of Tempe, Dr. Barackman, W.O. Moore, R. Peeler, R.M. Turner, B.M. Markham, Guy Tyler of Higley, and R.G. Russell.

    They discovered they represented eight states.  Three were from Iowa (Matthews, Gilbert, and Moore), three were from Indiana (Black, Von Brunt, and Markham), and another three from Oklahoma (Fairbanks, Abbott, and Russell).  Mr. Stall came from Kansas, Dr. Barackman from Illinois, Mr. Turner from New Mexico, and Mr. Tyler from California.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/11/1913)


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