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    United States Reclamation Service

    A number of Chandler residents worked for the reclamation service as zenjeros.

    Here is how Salt River Project describes the role of zenjeros:

    "Zanjeros have played a key role in the history of SRP's water delivery system. The word "zanjero" is derived from the Spanish words "zanja" meaning "deep ditch or irrigation ditch" and "zanjon" which means, "ditch rider or overseer."

    A zanjero is an SRP employee whose principal responsibilities involve the manipulation of irrigation gates for the orderly delivery of water to fill irrigation requests. In the early days, most zanjeros traveled through their area on horseback or by horse and buggy as they provided water service to the shareholders.

    Today, as in the early days of the SRP, service to the water shareholders remains a primary duty."

    (from Salt River Project Web site, Aug. 30, 2012)


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