Dobson, F. Roy, Jr.

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    F. Roy Dobson, Jr., was the son of F. Roy Dobson and his wife, Pauline E. Appleby Dobson.  He was born February 20, 1930 in the Mesa Hospital.  He grew up working on his father's farm.  While attending Chandler High School, he was involved in the Future Farmers of America, serving as the club's Vice President as a junior in 1947, and as the club's Treasurer as a senior in 1948.  After graduation, Roy started his own ranch, first with sheep, and then later with cattle.  His ranch included a mill and feeding pens, and he grew his own feed in the form of barley and hay.  He also grew cotton.  He married Norma Fay Sossaman on September 15, 1950, in the garden of his parents' house.  Roy spend four years in the Arizona National Guard's 480th Field Artillery Battalion, was a member of the Chandler Rod and Gun Club, and served on the board of the Chandler Community Hospital.

    CLICK HERE to read a "Know Your Neighbor" feature on Roy Dobson, Jr., which ran in the Chandler Arizonan on May 13, 1964.


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