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    State of Birth: Texas Resource: Photographs [17 items]
    Oral History Transcript [1 item] Chandler District Honor Roll
    Gender: Male Collection # 2010-45-1
    War of Conflict: World War II Source:
    Status: Veteran  
    Dates of Service: 1943-1945  
    Entrance into Service: Enlisted  
    Branch of Service: Navy  
    Location of Service: San Diego, CA/Guam/Chandler, AZ  
    Highest Rank:  
    Prisoner of War: No  

    Corley Haggarton became a recruit for the Navy during his Junior year of high school in 1943. After completing basic training in San Diego, California Haggarton began his Naval career by training sailors how to swim. Haggarton later joined the Standard Landing Craft Unit Number 30 and was deployed to Guam to serve for 18 months. In 1945, Haggarton returned to Chandler, AZ and served at Williams Air Force Base before returning to high school to achieve his diploma.1

    1 “Corley Haggarton,” ChandlerAZ.Gov, July 30, 2012. http://www.chandleraz.gov/default.aspx?pageid=974


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