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    Collected by Staff_0001.jpg Collected by Staff_0003.jpg
    Collected by Staff_0002.jpg Acrojets flying in formation

    Collected by Staff_0004.jpg Collected by Staff_0005.jpg
    1947 edition of "El Grito del Lobo," Chandler High School yearbook.  Belonged to Eileen Leslie Letter Award given to Eileen Leslie.  Found inside 1947 yearbook

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    Chandler High School patch or letter, found inside 1947 yearbook Williams Air Force Base Class 55-C yearbook "Gaggle"

    Collected by Staff_0008.jpg Collected by Staff_0009.jpg
    Williams Air Force Base Class 55-K yearbook "Black-out" owned by Major Roman N. Bowser  Williams Field Medical Department Officer Personnel, 1942-1944
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