14. Harriet "Flip" Price Fullerton

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    Harriet Price was the first daughter of Arthur and Louise Price.  Her siblings were Suzanne Price Propstra and Arthur Chandler Price.  Harriet attended Stanford University, where she met and dated John F. Kennedy.  At Stanford, she was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and was known as "Flip" for her vivacious personality. She graduated in 1942, at which time she was dating James Fullerton of Pasadena, California.

    In 1943 Harriet and James (a graduate of Harvard Business School) were married. While James was serving in WWII, Harriet volunteered at the Army Hospital in Pasadena. Upon his return, he tried his hand as a short story writer and then moved his family to Mexico. After two years, the Fullertons returned to Pasadena and James returned to the world of business and became a sucessful investor.

    Harriet and James have three children and remain in Pasadena to this day, where they are known for their philanthropic work.

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